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Gond Art Packaging

Taru's new packaging identity reflects the ethos of the brand and the impact that it has had in the farming communities.

While developing the strategy for the brand in collaboration with The Roy Studio and Studio Karva, what was clear was that the story of Taru and the impact that it has had on farming communities needed to be reflected in the packaging without resorting to a stereotypical visual language.


Our focus was the community and being able to communicate with the consumers that the produce that reaches them is deeply interlinked with its people and place as well. The packaging was designed to showcase the art & visual language of the community that grows the produce.

A large part of the project was executed during the 1st wave of the Pandemic in India and this raised challenges in on-ground coordination. We worked closely through Tribes India and Gondwana Art Project to coordinate with individual artists over WhatsApp. The approach was to steer away from the standard norms of food packaging and ask the artisans to illustrate various aspects of their community. From initial sketches to the final artworks- it was a pleasure working with these talented artisans and seeing their perspective and ways of looking.


Each packaging design also clearly credits the individual artisan and the art cluster as well - becoming another platform for the artisans to connect with potential buyers.

The packaging is also designed to be channel for these artisans to showcase their art and also connect with interested patrons or buyers. It also tells clearly the story of the farming community and what makes them special. Through blockchain technology, customers can scan the QR code on the package and see the entire journey of the produce – from farm to table.


Our rich visual tradition, comprising of innumerable and unique visual styles are in a danger of getting lost. At the studio one of our ongoing effort is to re-contextualise how design & craft can come together and we hope to continue this across severals areas of design programs.

Some of the Gond artists we have featured are - Gati Rita, Suresh Kumar, Mukesh Varia and Shyam.


What’s Unique?
The uniqueness of the packaging is not just the art that is used but also that the packaging becomes a platform for the artists to showcase their work. Typically traditional artists are not integrated with the larger design community. We’ve designed the packaging to become a platform and channel of sales for their art.

Artboard 1_4x-100 (1).jpg
Artboard 1_4x-100 (1).jpg
Artboard 1_4x-100 (1).jpg
Artboard 1_4x-100 (1).jpg
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