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Farmer Services

We believe small-scale farmers are entrepreneurs & need to be handheld with an agri-ecosystem to succeed. TARU Naturals empowers and safeguards small-scale farmer communities, protects their livelihood, through our unique mentoring services.

Natural Farming Trainings :

Training program is conducted for three days on natural farming, regenerative agriculture, agribusiness models, marketing, value addition, yoga, meditation, health, nutrition, inner resilience, and leadership soft skills. During training, a needs-based assessment forecasts decisions for the community. 

Block Chain Traceability

Farmer to Customer traceability is provided with a unique QR Code on each TARU packet, which is traceable on blockchain. We strive to showcase a transparent supply chain for all our customers.

Supply Chain 

Handholding small farmers on every aspect of supply chain from farm to our warehouse in Mumbai is a step-by-step process. We mentor farmers until they are self-reliant to manage the supply chain and logistics all by themselves. Typically, this involves connecting them to logistics partners, quality control, packing material, pricing etc. Usually, each supply chain for every farmer is unique & is customised each time. 

Clean-Tech Food Processing 

One of the biggest challenges we continue to face is in small-scale clean tech processing. Small-scale technology for small farmers are fragmented in cupboards of Technology Institutes. They start and die out in academic dust piles. We refer farmers to such technologies which could benefit them. We welcome agri-research , value chain based studies & connects. Please do reach out to us , to help us, to help farmers. 


Farmers are not well-versed in accounting and invoicing. In this aspect, we handhold small farmers in billing, GST & e-way bills for logistics. We have faced many challenges in this aspect.

Market intelligence 

Small Farmers should ideally know what to grow. At Taru Naturals, the farmer groups or individual small farmers we work with, are connected to markets. The crops they grow are based on demand intelligence, tailor made for market needs. 


We call it the Tomato Syndrome , one farmer grow tomatoes, fetches an excellent price. Based on the success story, all the farmers grow a bumper tomato crop. Then the market crashes. Oversupply to meet the needs of out of sync demand. Instead, can we create crops grown as per market intelligence? 

Export Forward Market Linkages 

While several small farmers have export-ready products, they fail to export due to paperwork. At Taru, we create a water tight supply chain from farmer to the client, which partnering with Export Forward Linkage Firms to complete paperwork. We currently export to Dubai, London, USA, Singapore, Poland, Sweden & Switzerland.

Forest Regeneration & Soil Carbon Credits:

We encourage all farmers communities we work with to invest in planting fruit trees or income generation trees. We are in process of claiming carbon credits for a soil carbon project in Maharashtra. 1 hectare of land sequesters 1 ton of carbon. If you are interested to claim carbon credits for your land, do reach out to us. 

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Our Supply Chain

What Our Farmers Say

dr salunkhe with ruchi having lunch_edit

Dr Shashikant Salunkhe, Turmeric Farmer from Satara, Maharashtra

Each and every part of Kalpataru is useful for a human being, like that every step of Taru will be useful for farmers... Taru will grow, and farmers will also get established with the help of Taru."

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