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TARU Naturals & Organics, is a grassroots movement of 10,000 tribal & small-scale farmers across India; a fair trade network connecting farmers to markets, with healthy, pure & organic produce. We strive to build self-sufficiency across the value chain ecosystem for farm produce, intervening with Climate Resilient Agriculture, Clean Post Harvest Technology, Value added products & Market Linkages. We envision to safeguard sustainable rural livelihoods & double small-scale farmer incomes.  


Fairtrade Value Chains

Small scale farmers live on small fragmented patches of land. Farm enterprises are often loss making. No longer does the farmer’s son want to do farming. Modern eating, farming and way of life are not in sync. 


How can we then graduate small farmers into self-sufficient enterprises? 


  • Knowledge Inputs for indigenous seeds, regenerative agriculture, supply chain & value addition.


  • Creating Fair Trade Markets sourced directly from tribal & small farmers, for climate resilient, heirloom grains grown by tribals. 


Climate Resilient Food Systems 

Traditional Indian Farming practices have shifted due to Climate Change & Modern Agriculture. No longer does the rain come as predicted for 1000s of years. Diversity of indigenous food has eroded. 

At TARU, we commit to,

  • Regeneration of Natural Farming, Agroforestry, Ecosystems restoration

  • Small Farmer Livelihood Generation.

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Spreading Ancient Ayurvedic Indian Food Culture Globally

Ayurveda & Adivasi food wisdom can transform the lives of millions.

At TARU, we feel responsible to globally spread our Indian food wisdom.

Each recipe is curated with High Prana Heirloom Grains, transforming tribal ingredients into delicious, easy to cook, easy to eat, everyday meals. 

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