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Impact Model & Projects 

We handhold small farmers right from natural farming trainings, supply chain, quality management, logistics, packaging, fair trade markets and accounting. Here are a few of our impact projects on the ground. 


Himalay Unnati Mission
Project Sreevan 

Mumbai Rewilding Project

A citizen led movement to bring together likeminded people to breathe, grow, connect, network, learn, co-create community spaces across Mumbai, to grow urban forests, to make places green, with art, recycle waste into murals, to make things beautiful while being part of the community design. Partnering with International Association of Human value and Community Arts Design. 



Ecosystem restoration of community forests & growing fruit tree orchards led by small-scale farmers in villages across Rudraprayag, Ukhimath, Chamoli, Upper Himalayas. This initiative in the Himalayan region will entail:


1)  High-density apple orchard plantation for livelihood generation of small farmers.

2) Community forest regeneration for reviving ecosystems & honeybee populations for safeguarding honey livelihoods of small farmers.

3) To reforest dwindling forest cover and regenerate Deodar indigenous forests, to address forest fires menace for hill farmers.

Support & Donate on link below:

Black Rice Farmer Community, Goalpara, Assam

Natural farming trainings, value addition, processing, FPO formation have been ongoing activities since 2017.


Farm to Table Relief Fund

Natural Farming Development Model in Mandhar, Purandar

  • Identifying a dynamic young community leader who can be our point of contact.

  • Group Farmers meeting for taking decisions, set dates for future training program. 

  • Training program is conducted for three days on regenerative agriculture, agribusiness models, marketing, value addition, Sri Sri natural farming techniques, yoga, meditation, health, nutrition, inner resilience and leadership soft skills. 

  • During training, a needs-based assessment forecasts decisions for the community. 

  • Documentation and information for organic certification collected from all farmers during training and TARU team handholds on certification application.   

  • Post-workshop, community leaders start work on hand holding farmers on sustainable agriculture practices with the help of a mobile application which has all the information to support them on a smartphone. 

  • Market linkages are built for farmers group post the training program. 

  • Monthly stakeholder meetings are conducted as follow-ups.


  • Slowly and steadily we expand our activities through innovative agribusiness models, ushering in self-sufficiency, community cohesion, ecosystem restoration, climate adaptation and environmental stewardship.  

  • Either a Farmer Producer Organization/ Cooperative etc. is therein registered for the farmer group to take a structure on the ground, for scaling up and to coordinate the supply chain. 


Distributed 126 tons relief farm kits during COVID 19 pandemic. Small Farmers are the backbone of our country.  We stand together in support of farmers everywhere.  Today they need our help.
If you feel for farmers, help spread awareness of the @farmtotable_relieffund and donate at the link
How does it work?
#FarmToFeed fights for two causes with one action. Save a struggling farmer and feed a family in need with one small act of kindness. Help break the vicious cycle of ample harvest + no demand + loans.
The @farmtotable_relieffund purchases food kits directly from small farmers and distributes them to at-risk communities. 1 kit of INR 650 feeds a family of 4 for 2 weeks.  Head to the link in bio and be a part of the change. A simple action can go a long way.

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