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Dry Chutney

Useful for- Immunity, cold,cough, diabetes, cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Digestion-(Creates friendly enzymes & bacteria for digestion & immunity), bloodpurifier,Stimulant,anti-inflammatory,carminative,worms,liver tonic.

Recipe Ingredients

  • 100 gm raw haldi paste/pure haldi powder

  • 100 gm Raw Jeera/Cumin seeds

  • 100 gm Onion paste(1 whole onion of 100 gm)

  • 100 gm Ginger(paste/piece)


  • Cut onion & Ginger, grind.

  • Put in whole raw jeera & grind.

  • If Haldi is raw, grind with onion & Ginger otherwise take out the paste from the mixer and add in 100 gm of Haldi powder, mix well.


  • Can also add 1 tsp pepper

  • 1 tsp long pepper/Pippali & 1 tsp Ajwain.

  • 1/2 tsp Black salt/Rock salt powder


  • 1 tsp morning & 1 tsp evening with food(not milk)

  • Complements/Accompaniments

  • Curd/buttermilk, Green Chutney, Chapati, Whole wheat bread with ghee or oil.Can swallow with a little warm water.

Storage Store in the fridge in glass, steel, earthenware or porcelain(not plastic) Suggestions Amba Haldi/Mango-Ginger/Curcuma Amada Amba Haldi can replace normal haldi or 50-50 gm of each can do. Buy organic Haldi powder(from which oil has not been extracted) or fresh haldi. Useful for-Respiratory troubles(cold cough,tonsils,asthma),blood purifier,balancer,digestive,immunity Ingredients

  • 2 tbsp Haldi powder/Raw haldi paste

  • 1 tsp sauth(Dried Ginger/Paste)

  • 2 tbsp Mulethi(licorice,Jyeshta madh)


  • 1 tsp Ajwain powder

  • pippali powder,small/long pepper(lendi pippali)

  • 1/4th tsp cloves(laung)

  • 1/4th tsp pepper

Option II 1/4th tsp Dalchini(Cinnamon) 1/4th Dried Tulsi powder 1/4th vasa powder Option III 1/4th tsp Talispatradi powder(for cough) Or Bamboo Manna/Vanshlochan(cough,cold,asthma,immunity,calcium deficiency) Or 2 tbsp powder or paste Amla/Indian Gooseberry(digestion,immunity,heart,general tonic) Complements/Accompaniments-Haldi milk/warm water/honey(pure only) or jaggery(no White sugar) Method Grind everything. Mix & store at room temperature. Consumption How & when to take-1.Mix 1 tbsp in honey/Indian Cow Ghee/warm water in a vessel or bottle 1. Lick ½-1 tsp every 2-3 hours depending on the severity of symptoms 2. Mix ½-1 tsp in warm water/haldi milk/herbal tea/jiggery. 3. Take empty stomach morning or just before/after/mixed with food morning, evening or night Storage-Store at room temperature or refrigerate in glass, earthenware or steel.Can mix powders in Indian cow ghee/honey/jaggery and store as awaleha/paste. Suggestions If amla is added preferably do not take with milk or milky tea. Green tea without milk/herbal/ayurvedic is better.

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