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6 Steps of Natural Healing to Deal with the Symptoms of COVID-19

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Shaantirastu, Pushtirastu, Tushtirastu!

This is a very old blessing coming down from the Vedic times which blesses us to be peaceful, healthy and happy. Before the advent of the Britishers, we were not dependent on the allopathic medicines. For thousands and thousands of years, we have been taking Kashayams and Ayurvedic medicines and concoctions. Predominantly, we relied on Traditional Home Remedies, along with Desi cow urine in small measures to keep our body and mind healthy.

“So, we at Taru, under the guidance and expertise of Naturopath Punam Jain, are sharing methods of Natural Healing, which Covid patients have tried out and have found very effective, both for immunity and cure. I would just like to mention that ours is a great country where all the methods of healing, peacefully co-exist. There is no clash between one and the other.”

It is essential to understand the basics of Covid Healing. Let us assume that you have tested positive for Covid, (maybe because you were not wearing a mask, you were not taking the necessary precautions). Covid stays mild if you have been doing pranayama, yoga and any kind of breathing exercise on a regular basis. In the initial stages, the consumption of allopathic medicines may be avoided. For example, Fevipiravir, which is not good for us. If your symptoms are mild, Covid is totally treatable with home remedies and Kashayams. We have treated a number of cases like that. Plus, diet along with Homeopathy and Ayurvedic and some other Siddha medicines.


As soon as any symptom of Covid surfaces, we must start taking steam and also, practise certain exercises. There are several videos that have surfaced from China where they are treating school children in the following way - there are some heavyweight teachers who are sitting and doing heavy acupressure on the children’s hands by slapping the hand from arm till the fingers. It is a good idea to immediately start doing these exercises, atleast 3-4 times a day.

Haldi is something you will be constantly using through your treatment. The first thing that you do, as soon as you get a symptom, is putting a spoonful of haldi (turmeric powder) in some hot water. Salt is not necessary, but if need be, you can add a pinch and gargle intensely by dipping your head back everytime you gargle, once you put the water in your mouth, so that some of it reaches upto your nose. Jalneti is very good, but many people are often not able to use Jalneti (passing warm water through the nose). They don’t know how to. So, dipping your head back, pushes some of the hot liquid to the posterior part of your nose and that is helpful.

(Taru Naturals sells high quality Handpounded Turmeric Powder that is a natural immunity booster, blood purifier, respiratory tonic and anti-inflammatory.)


Make it a point buy a steamer, because, if you are a Covid patient, you will neither be able to leave the room and heat the water on the gas nor can people cannot come to you and give it. So, it is a good idea to purchase an electric steamer. You can add Haldi and a piece of camphor in your steamer or maybe a few drops of eucalyptus oil or Vicks and take steam. And you have to keep steaming through the day off and on.

Another way to steam is using an electric kettle that will heat hot water for you, which you need to drink through the day. If you have an electric kettle, when the water gets hot, the steam it releases can also be inhaled. You can also keep a vessel and pour a good bit of Haldi in the vessel and pour the electric kettle water in the vessel, put a towel on your head and take steam at least thrice a day. The third alternative is to ask someone to get you a glass of drinking hot water, add some haldi to that, take some steam from the glass, gargle with one-fourth of it and drink the rest of it. So that is a three-in-one formula for you.


You start immediately taking Kashayams. You might not have Kashayams at home. So what you can start with, if you don’t have giloy is to start instantly with haldi and pepper - A pinch of pepper, 1 or ½ tsp of haldi, mix in 3 glasses of water and have it thrice a day. It should be heated and had. If you don’t have the means to heat it, you can keep the glass outside the room, somebody will heat it and put it in your glass. In cases when you are room-quarantined, you can take the assistance of others and get them to pour the drink in your glass. You can also call for Mahasudarshan Kadha of Sandu, Vaidyanath, Dabur and other ayurvedic companies that would also be available at a normal allopathic chemist.

Which Kashayams to call for? There are many Kashayams in the market and all of them may not necessarily good. But that does not mean that you cannot take them at all. So, let’s talk about what is good. You can have a ‘Homemade Kashayam’ that constitutes of Haldi, Pepper, Giloy, Ginger, cloves, cardamom, dalchini (all home remedies). It is just a herbal spice tea. Even the foreigners drink that when they get a cold. The only thing about Giloy is that you may not have fresh giloy or goloy (giloy, guduchi, amrut), in which case, you can go for regular herbal tea of Tulsi and lemongrass, and you can add mint leaves, ajwain, saunf, cinnamon, haldi, and pepper to it. You can also order Taru’s Immunity Kashayam, Immunity Giloy sticks and/or Taru’s Immunity Vegan Turmeric Latte (and other spices like Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Ajwain, Arunachali Black Cardamom, Cumin) from the website


Call for Arsenic 30 from a homeopathic medicine store that works very well if you have taken it as a preventive. One dose for three days, every week. If you have not been taking it as a preventive and you have developed some symptoms, Arsenic will work for you for the first 3 days, 3 doses thrice a day. If in a liquid form, please don’t overdose. Just take upto 3-4 drops in 1 cup of warm water. (This potency is tried and tested by Ayush Ministry. I have personally tried it out and have found it effective. Kindly do not overdose. Otherwise, it is better to consult a homeopath).

When you are into day 5 or 6 of Covid, and are not suffering from any severe symptom but extreme weakness, take supplements as recommended by your doctor which will be Vitamin C, Vitamin B12 and zinc, Vitamin E and Vitamin D3 (the sunshine vitamin that can be replaced by good exposure to sunlight). Other remedies to counteract weakness are Chyavanprash, Amla powder mixed with honey (Taru Sunderban Honey), and (optional) Bio-chemic tissue remedies. On the safe side, 5 Phos - 4 pills can be taken in a spoonful of hot water, once or twice a day, upto a month.


Although no one actually feels hungry during this time, there are many kinds of diets given out by various naturopaths and doctors. They do work. There is no harm in following these diets.

It is a general diet which is recommended by Allopaths as well. Drink plenty of fluids like coconut water, mosambi juice, or various juices. Remember, do not mix the juices because digestion definitely slows down and supposing you have mosambi, orange, anar, apple- have each of them as separate juices. It is a good idea to keep having a little bit. If you do not have anyone to make you the juice, keep having a piece of the fruit off and on, if you cannot have a whole plate in one go. It is a good idea to have fruits and juices in alteration. You can also consume healthy, organic food-grains and instant breakfast mixes from Taru Naturals (because they are easy to make and nutritious) like Khapli Atta, Buckwheat Pancake Premix, Ragi Pancake Premix, Idli Rice Idli/Dosa Premix and Black Rice .

You can make a Kanji out of any of these items. They are all healthy and give you complete nutrition. Ideally, do not add any outside chemical cereal to the Taru Flours to maintain the health benefits.

Method – Can add hot water and either a little salt or jaggery to a spoonful of any Taru Flour/Premix, a pinch of Haldi and Pepper. You have a nourishing and curative instant diet.

At different times, it is good to consume vegetables like cucumber, carrots and 1-2 tomatoes. This is another recommendation of doctors.

But the most important thing to have is Nimbu Pani (lemon water) through the day. Hot lemon water is recommended. You squeeze upto 2 lemons in a jug of normal regular drinking water, put some jaggery or natural form or sugar, some pinches of natural salt like sendha namak, black salt or natural sea salt (not table salt) and take a small piece of alum/fitkari and put it on the tawa (if you have it at home), melt it, crush it (it forms fitkari bhasm). Take a pinch of that and mix it in our home-made ORS.

ORS Formula 1-

2 lemons (squeezed) in a jug of water.

2 tbsp of natural sugar (jaggery/honey/palm sugar/mishri/desi kaand/ kakvi/ date sugar)

½ tsp Black Salt/Pink Salt/Natural Sea Salt

(Optional) - Tulsi leaves

Don’t take White Sugar. It has been found on trials to be very bad for corona patients. White Sugar lowers the Immunity. If you don’t have any form of natural sugar, don’t take more than 1 tsp of white sugar.

Method of Consumption: Keep drinking through the day.

Formula 2 -

If someone else can do it for you, Take 1 Whole Lemon and cut it into 2-3 pieces. Put it in the mixer. Take 1 finger length ginger and churn both in the mixer with a little water and natural sugar. Pour it out in a glass. Add more water and drink that within 10-15mins because it will become bitter if you keep it for too long. This is very healthy, tasty and refreshing.

Formula 3 - Alkaline water to be had through the day.

Chop off the top (about half a finger length) of a cucumber with the peel on. Cut it into 4 pieces. Take a small jug of water and put in these pieces of cucumber in it. Take ½ a lemon, cut it into 4 parts with the peel and slightly squeeze it and put it in the water. This stays for a day. You can also soak it overnight and drink it through the next day.

Sri Sri Tatva Immunity Kit For Covid Positive Cases & its dosage.

1. Shakti Drops 5 drops +

2. Tulasi Arka 10 drops each in 100 ml water 3 times a day

3. Turmeric Plus 1-1-1 after food

4. Amruth 2-2-2 before food

5. Kabasur Kudineer 2-2-2 after food

- As Prophylactic in high risk patients and senior citizens

1. Shakti Drops 5 drops +

2. Tulasi Arka 10 drops each in 100 ml water 2 times a day

3. Turmeric Plus 1-0-1 after food

4. Amruth 2-0-2 before food

5. Kabasur Kudineer 2-0-2 after food

- As Prophylactic general patients

1. Shakti Drops 5 drops +

2. Tulasi Arka 10 drops each in 100 ml water 2 times a day

3. Turmeric Plus 1-0-1 after food

4. Amruth 1--0-1 before food

5. Kabasur Kudineer 1-0-1 after food

1. Immunity Giloy Sticks 30g

2. Immunity Kashyam 50g

3. Immunity Vegan Turmeric Latte 100g

4. Handpounded Turmeric Powder 250g

5. Black Pepper 100g

6. Arunachali Black Cardamom 50g

7. Cinnamon Bark 50g

8. Ajwain 200g

9. Jaggery Powder 500g

10. Roselle Flower Tea 30g

11. Chamomile Tea 20g

12. Sunderban Honey 250g

13. Ginger Powder 100g

An important tip: Do not use Non-Contact Digital Temperature Gun to check the temperature on your forehead. Rather, use it on your hand. The point on the forehead is your pineal gland and it is harmful to use infrared rays on that area.


Breathing exercises, yoga, pranayama and meditation are as important as medicines and food. Right from Day 1, do aware breathing. You can pick up many of the breathing exercises as posted online or practice what suits you best. However, we strongly recommend Sudarshan Kriya as the best preventive and curative in Covid. We have thousands of cases to quote where Sudarshan Kriya (SKY) has helped in cures. For example,

"I had covid19 a couple of months ago and I also have sarcoidosis, so I was very worried. But regular practice of sudarshan kriya for 14 days during my quarantine really helped me recover from covid19. My 14 days quarantine was very smooth and I believe in SKY more today because of this experience."

- Sharmila Bajoria, Chennai.

"In the midst of complete lockdown due to covid19, I was introduced to SKY by a dear friend Ruchi Jain in the month of May 2020. This was the first time AOL was organising SKY course online and I had the opportunity to learn it. Ever since I have started practicing SKY and the days I don't practice, I have noticed a difference in my energy levels. The days I don't practice it, I feel very drained out at the end of the day. And when I do practice it, I'm energetic even at the end of the day and I'm able to finish lot of work efficiently those days."

- Kirti Negi Bajoria, Chennai

So stay healthy!

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