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Ragi Atta (500g) - Rich in natural iron, amino acids, anti-oxidants and dietary fibres, Ragi is an immunity booster that provides complete nutrition to people belonging to all age groups.

Jowar Atta (500g) - A traditional staple food that can also be consumed during fasting, Jowar is gluten free and an excellent source of minerals & Vitamins, particularly Vitamin B. It is rich in dietary fiber, has a low Glycemic Index and reduces risk of Cardiovascular diseases & Cancer. 

Bajra Atta (500g) - A powerhouse of nutrition and gluten-free, bajra reduces cancer risk, nnhances weight loss and is diabetic friendly. It is used to make porridge, cakes, desserts, idli and dosa.

Buckwheat Flour (500g) - A popular fasting pseudo-cereal, buckwheat has been used traditionally in India as an energizer and complete nutritional supplement during fasting periods. It is rich in  proteins, B Vitamins and minerals like magnesium which improves circulation & helps to protect against heart disease. 

Amaranth Flour (500g) - Amaranth flour is used to make sweets and delicacies during the fasting periods. Amaranth is gluten-free, protein-rich and excellent source of micro-nutrients, minerals & vitamins.   

Ragi Pancake Mix (150g)

Taru Navratri Fasting Hamper

2650 Grams
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