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Tenzing Bodosa, Bodoland, Assam.

Taru sources its CTC Tea from Elephant Conservation Tea Estate on Border Bhutan Himalayan Ranges, in Bodoland,Assam. Tenzing Bodosa has built a Tea Estate Co-existing with Forest Animals, Growing Green Corridors (Food Tree Species) for Elephants in between his Estate. An Example of Eco-Tourism & Forest Livelihoods.

In the year 2007, Tenzing became the only cultivator who organically cultivated tea among 12,000 farmers. His journey from a small-scale tea cultivator to a large scale exported is remarkable. What makes his farm more fascinating is the buffer zone, which shares boundaries with the Bhutan forest. In that zone, he planted bamboo shoots, so that the elephants from the forests could feed on them and move freely.

“If you grow organically, you can grow every seasonal crop in a tea farm, and you can maintain the ecological balance. When you maintain the ecological balance, you can see more birds and animals too,” he says. (quoted from Better India article).

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