Project My Organic Gurukul is a flagship program initiated by Taru Naturals & Organics, to introduce children with core values of, nurturing nature, resilience, sustainability, and compassion, by inculcating eating healthy and organic, as part of their edible education curriculum. At Taru, we envision, the children of a sustainable future, with clean minds and a healthy body. My Organic Gurukul is Taru’s step towards providing the future of our nation, with health, organic and love, encased in TARU products.  

We are what we Eat!

We have a responsibility to give love to children and teach them the importance of growing, their food, where it comes from, from farmers, fields of colors, yellow, red, blue, green and gold. Somewhere we have forgotten our farmers grow our food.  Somewhere we have forgotten our traditions, our 5000-year-old rich food lineage, passed on from grandparents to parents to children.

This project is a small step towards impacting millions of young lives. Organic food is not just healthy but energetically resounds with mother nature. It is chemical free, protects soil, safeguards indigenous seeds and groundwater.

Come join our movement of creating organic schools, one step at a time. Sign up your school now to make your very own Organic Canteen, snacks and everything organic, top ensure your child eats healthy when at home away from home, at his school.