• Identifying a dynamic young community leader who can be our point of contact.

  • Group Farmers meeting for taking decisions, set dates for future training program. 

  • Training program is conducted for three days on regenerative agriculture, agri business models, marketing, value addition, Sri Sri natural farming techniques, yoga, meditation, health , nutrition, inner resilience and leadership soft skills. 

  • During training a needs based assessment forecasts decisions for the community. 

  • Documentation and information for organic certification collected from all farmers during  training and TARU team handholds on certification application.   

  • Post workshop, community leaders start work on hand holding farmers on sustainable agriculture practices with the help of a mobile application which has all the information to support them on a smart phone. 

  • Market linkages are built for farmers group post the training program. 

  • Monthly stakeholder meetings are conducted as follow ups. 

  • Slowly and steadily we expand our activities through innovative agri business models, ushering in self sufficiency, community cohesion, ecosystem restoration, climate adaptation and environment stewardship.  

  • Either a Farmer Producer Organization/ Cooperative etc. is therein registered for the farmer group to take a structure on the ground, for scaling up and to coordinate the supply chain.