Finger millet flour - 40 g

Kodo millet flour - 40g

Little millet flour - 40g

Barnyard millet flour - 40g

Foxtail millet flour - 40g

Wheat flour - 100 g

Powdered sugar - 350 g

Ghee - 300 g

Cashew nuts - 50 g

Milk - as required

Water - as required



 Fry small millet flour and wheat flour with half the amount of ghee.

 Add fried flour to the boiled milk and water with continuous stirring to avoid lumps.

 When it solidifies, add sugar, ghee and cook to the required consistency.

 Add roasted cashew nuts and raisins when the solid mass leaves the sides of the pan.

 Spread on a greased tray and cut into pieces.