Kodo millet flour - 60 g

Little millet flour - 60 g

Barnyard millet flour - 60 g

Finger millet flour - 60 g

Foxtail millet flour - 60 g

Raw rice flour - 250g

Jaggery - 500g

Cardamom powder - as required

Dried ginger powder - as required

Water - as required

Oil - for frying



 Mix small millet flour and raw rice flour thoroughly.

 Sprinkle little water, mix it thoroughly and keep it for four hours.

 Mix jaggery with required water and heat to syrup consistency.

 Add jaggery syrup and stir the flour to make a smooth dough.

 Allow it to ferment overnight at room temperature.

 Flatten the fermented dough on a greased polythene sheet.

 Deep fry the flattened dough in hot oil for 2-3 minutes till it turns golden brown.