Problem : TARU NATURALS small scale farmers live on small fragmented patches of land. Climate change has caused havoc in our ancient traditional rural way of living. No longer does the rain come as was predicted for thousands of years by tribal societies.


Agricultural patterns have shifted and prove to be a loss making enterprise, for a whopping 49% of India’s population. How do we address such deep-rooted issues?

No longer does the farmer’s son want to do farming. Modern, conventional eating, farming and way of life have permanently crossed the boundaries of self-sufficiency.


This has led to severe societal symptoms and break downs of rural and urban economies, drought, unemployment, severe undernourishment, climate mass migration, trafficking of women, child abuse, etc.

Solution: TARU NATURALS is an endeavor to empower and safeguard small scale farmer communities, protect their livelihood, by empowering them with environmental services.


We strive to protect India’s ancient wisdom and sustainable agricultural practices, while ensuring value added livelihood incomes for the communities we work with; ensuring fair trade markets for their end produce .TARU NATURALS intervenes through Climate Smart Agriculture and small scale technology.